Welcome to Yalelo Uganda

Yalelo, a local Ugandan word loosely translated as “for today” is the fastest growing aquaculture business in Africa. We are Uganda’s freshest fish!


    About Us

    Yalelo is a pioneer in African aquaculture, bringing together local resources and world-leading practices. YU commenced operations in 2019 and has grown quickly to become a market leading sustainable food producer in Uganda.

    Our Products

    Fresh Tilapia!
    We've got what you need

    We grow tilapia fish in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Victoria.
    Our cages are among the largest in Africa, providing an open environment to swim far and deep against natural lake currents. This environment produces a fish that is healthier and stronger, with a taste our consumers have come to love.

    Our Recipes

    The ingredient to memorable meals

    Our fish brings the taste of laughter, life and shared memories that spans all generations

    Where to find us

    Yalelo Uganda has quickly grown to bring you a taste like no other. You can now find our fresh fish in multiple stores near you.

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    We'd like to hear from you.

    Our dedicated YU Customer Service Team backed by our team of experts are available to answer any questions you may have.