About Us

We grow tilapia fish in the crystal-clear open waters of Lake Victoria.

Our cages are the largest in Africa, providing an open environment to swim far and deep against natural lake currents. This environment produces a fish that is healthier and stronger, with a taste our customers have come to love. We never use antibiotics, chemicals, or growth hormones. Our fish enjoy a diet based on soy, maize, and wheat.

They do not eat mud, waste or algae that can be found at the bottom of fishponds. Because our fish eat only the high-quality balanced diet, we provide them there is no mystery about what is on your plate. Using only the best local fish food keeps our fish healthy and gives a great clean taste! Tilapia is an excellent part of a healthy diet.

It is a natural source of protein, Omega 3 and calcium while being low in fat and cholesterol. Yalelo Uganda’s professional local production is lowering the cost tilapia, making animal protein more affordable and presenting a strong value proposition relative to chicken, pork, and beef. We place our fish on ice from the moment of harvest and deliver nation-wide using our own fleet of refrigerated trucks. This reliable cold chain provides customers with a traceable quality they can depend on. Yalelo, a local Ugandan word loosely translated as “for today”, reminds our customers daily that we are Uganda’s favorite fresh local fish!

Our Vision

To lead Uganda in becoming a regional aquaculture powerhouse by sustainably developing national white fish protein resources.

Our Mission

To stabilize Ugandan national food security by sustainably producing a reliable and affordable supply of fresh fish.

Our Community

Empowering communities and contributing to their long-term social, economic and infrastructural development is an investment in the company’s future and provides a solid foundation for future success.

Our Practices

Yalelo’s efficient, scalable and sustainable aquaculture practices ease the pressure from decades of over-fishing. Being an environmentally friendly fishery and sustainable aquaculture farm is an important aspect of Yalelo’s process.

Working with local authorities and the government Yalelo has set commitments that address environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and traceability. By doing so, we can preserve our waters and fish for future generations.